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 Files for Tactical Ops and other downloads. If you experienced troubles with unpacking files, install latest versions of arhivators (WinRar, WinZIP).

First, you may download latest version of Tactical Ops - this is link to official TO site download page...


v.436 nodelta Patch for Unreal Tournament - UT v.436 is REQUIRED for play in TO (MOD version).

Download size: 32,2 Mb


Map editor for full (retail) version of Tactical Ops: Assault on terror - unzip files into System directory.

Download size: 1,1 Mb

UT436-IpDrv-070902 - latest IP driver for your UT/TO/TO:AoT server. Rewrite it to old one.

Download size: 80 kb

Keybinding program for TO 2.0 - this program is really needed.

Download size: 3,5 Mb

Voicepack for TO v.2.2 - if you use this voicepack, many voices in game sounds better...

Download size: 796 kb

Demo manager for UT and mods for UT - good utilite for record, view and other operations with demos.

Download size: 160 kb


Tetris by DEATH - old good Tetris on Pascal. DEATH build him loooong time - around 6 months :).

Download size: 46,8 kb.


SuperTeam Keybinder for TO 3.. - best version of keybinder program for TO. You may bind all keys what you want - taunts, buy, sell bunds, TOST commands, etc.

Download size: 111 kb.


UTamp - .umx tracks player for UT/TO. Listen tracks what you liked on all maps! Important: if you playing in TO in Internet, do not install UTamp. TOST not allow it - you will be kicked from game.

Download: 22,7 kb.


Bot unbalancer alpha - with that mutator, you may play in TO one versus... hm maybe 10-20 bots :)

Download size: 6,19 kb.


TOMonstersV2 - play in TO versus tons of monsters with friends!

Download size: 4,08 kb.

Maps for TO: AoT


Remake of my first map for Tactical Ops - wery small. Test map - for basic training. Best for 1 on 1 game.

Download size: 0,7 Mb


This is another Scope with tons of monsters! I recommend you use TOMonstersV2 mutator when play on this map.

Download size: 1,03 Mb


Little changed TO-Getaway. In this version you can go on 2 another roofs - more possibilities to camping ;)

Download size: 1,85 Mb


First and last map (at this moment) bu BaaL{SG}. Map is small, gameplay fast and funny, I suggest you play on that map.

Download size: 576 kb


That map better old TO-Zlodey_V2 map , looking nice, and gameplay better - I removed autocannons.

Download size: 3,76 Mb

Maps for TO 2.x


My first map for Tactical Ops - wery small. Test map - for basic training.

Download size: 1,5 Mb


My second map for TO - second version of TO-Zlodey_test_map - much better!

Download size: 2,3 Mb


Conversion of nice Assault map. Edited bu -Zlodey-{SG}

Download size: 2,1 Mb


First TO map bu BaaL{SG}. Map edited bu -Zlodey-{SG}.

Download size: 0,2 Mb


Updated version of TO-BankJob. Fixed many bugs, and maybe added new :). New cool detail - working security cams! New objective for SF - activation of security system.

Download size: 2,6 Mb


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