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Mine nickname - -Zlodey-, and I the author of this site. The villain my name is not simply so - some players from Internet till now remember my spiteful laughter above their corpses... Well and those who plays each day with me on LAN, does not require reminders. As the player, I the person omnivorous: I play in strategy (RTS), avia-auto-space-and other simulators, 3D action (since DOOM and finishing last games), I love games of genre RPG and others. The unique kinds of games which do not like me are sports, like NHL 2000 etc. I shall tell lies, if I shall tell, that I the best player in Azov, but I one of the most skilled. My game experience - - is a lot of 11 years, truly? Yeees, I remember times SINCLAIR ` and... I radical borned in Azov man, and I am glad, that in Azov some good computer clubs at last have appeared. Well all right, I leave from the main theme. As to me you need to remember only one:-Zlodey-in game - your most malicious friend and the kindest enemy:-). If want to learn(find out) about me more - communicate with me, and can, I still shall tell something about myself and other clan members. Contact info is lower.

Lamers must die!

ICQ: 127223907

Greetings to all Gamers and Otaku (for everyone, vho don`t know, - Otaku - people, who love Anime). I`am - Mephisto.

Now, little information about my game interests:

I don`t like Counter Strike, quests, sport games.

I love Anime, Tactical Ops (now it`s my favorite game), and some console games (on PlayStation) - Final Fantasy, Vargant story, Vandal hearts.

I webmaster of Anime page on this site, but I can`t update anime page every day - I don`t have time and computer in my home :( .

I play in games 8 years.

ICQ: 127628643

Hi all gamers, who love Quake! I`am DEATH. Yes, I love Quake. But I play in Tactical Ops, Diablo, Final Fantasy 7 and many other games.

I don` like Camper Strike and Anime. Now my favorite platforms for gameplay - PC and PSX.

I play in games 7-8 years. First game, played bu me - Tertis, and I like play in that game everytime.

I love play in: Wipeout 3, Civilization 2, Ace Combat 2,3 (PSX).

I hate quests and sport games. I type not many word, but not worry, I type more next time :-).

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Hi everiyone, I`am - Diablo. I love all type of games (but not like sport games), but my most like game - Metal Gear Solid. I played on all platforms - from NES to PC. I love Anime and Manga. I and Mephisto hawe big collection of Anime (no one hawe bigger collection in Azov).

I think, I one of the best players on PSX in Azov (I complete more 1300 games on PSX and not use cheats - I hate cheaters!!!!!!!).

(Liar! - Zlodey)

I good know english language. Ok, thank everybody, who come on ours page.

ICQ: 127346832

Hello to all people, who love computer cames. My nickname - BaaL, the Lord of destruction. I need say something about yourself - I love shooting (in 3D-action), then hi everyone, who love Quake, Tactical Ops and other best games.

I completed many games, Red Alert and lastest games, I play on PC and PSX.

I don`t like sport games, in quests sometimes me need old good BFG :).

I play in games 8 years. I happy be in {SG} clan and hope see new opponents. Bye!!!

P.S. Wait you on arena.

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Program HeX{SG};
(Hack or kill) the (CheaterS and CStriker's)

Greetings to all QUAKERS in a net!!!!! I DeaDLocK and as you have understood I very much like Quake. Basically I am duel the player but also in MEAT (as speaks Zlodey) I like to urge on too. And at I knew about a clan because of a disk with the same Quake. About predilections: very much I like RPG (Diablo 1,2, M*M 6,7,8,9), RTS, Tactical-Ops, QUAKE 1,2,3 and I hate CamperStrike and Quests.
As I am fond HACK, Linux and programming on Delphi6 and Pascal Can be shortly I shall conduct a heading about HACK or Delphi6 together with MINION'.
.......End. // Program terminated P.S: See`ya on following Tournament

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I officially was a member of local clan Black Knights {BK} (as however and the majority of members of a clan {SG}), but have decided to expand the ' ' to enter clan Skilled Gamers {SG}. I typical gamer, play in games of different genres: RPG, RTS, 3D-action, I love races (especially NFS). My favourite games - QUAKE III Arena, Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction, Tactical Ops, Unreal and Unreal Tournament, Red Alert 2 and C*C Tiberian Sun. Except for I play on , at on my home it is a lot of disks, but most of all I like Tekken 3, Brigandine and Quake II. I am quite good a gamer-ohm both on and on X, but I can not name myself very abrupt.

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Well I can tell, I was born in ours sma-a-a-a-ll 8) city under a name of Azovs. About games: on Play Station has passed certainly not so much as Solid Snake but nevertheless I can brag that has passed about 20 games (a maximum of my opportunities), on the beginnings to play about 3th years back (it was pleasant to me:)) .I cnow such games as DIABLO, DIABLO II, DIABLO II:LORD OF DESTRUCTION, COUNTER-STRIKE, TACTICAL OPS, UNREAL TOURNAMENT etc. If want to learn(find out) more in detail about my biography ask in section the Forum Wolf
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My nick M1A2. I`m specialist in hardware. Somethimes I love play in games. I work with computers long time, this is wery interesting.

Are you remember RED ALERT(first)??? This is game of the century, I ready to play in RED ALERT now.

I play in TO, try upgrade my skills in that game, and I think, I can do this, but I don`t have many time to play, I must going to lessons.

Maybe later I start work on Hardware page for this site. I can help in upgrade of your computer.

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Power On.
Checking BIOS.
Loading OS.
Begin Program.

Hi, my name in net Cyborg, I {SG} clan member. Why Cyborg? Because I allways try comlete my objective using all metodes. I kill everyone, who trying stop me - "No prisoners. No survivers."

I don`t like ultra-realistic avia-space simulators and sport games. I love futuristic and fantasy games. My favorite game is Master of Orion 2. At last time, I stop play in Quake and start play in games on UT engine (Tactical Ops, Rune, Undying), play in Diablo2.

I play in games 13 years, my first computer - soviet, named "Radio 86 RK" (similar Sinclair or Commodore 64). I think, I really "skilled" gamer, somethimes I play better Zlodey, somethimes not. I don`t like cheaters - they lamers and losers.

Anime interesting fot me, but I like music, not films.

Ok, it`s all.


End of Program.
Power Off.

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