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Russian Tactical Ops clans
URL Clan tag Clan name Location <RB> Russian brigade Moskow [HNS] Hard`n`Soft Moskow <[SOBR]>
SOBR Moskow [IW]
Immortal Warriors Kirov
Tactical Ops links

Official TO Team`s website: latest official Tactical Ops news.
Wery good TO news site with many custom maps downloads.

A news website for Russian fans.

The official German Tactical Ops Website.
A news website for Danish fans (available in both Danish and in English).
Everything you need to know to fulfill your mission.
A site with tutorials for making TO maps.
Homepage for Andirez, the maker of TO-Verdon and TO-Spynet2
Website that Neuro works on (maker of TO-RMSTitanic and TO-Resurrection), and also contains tutorials and verious exclusive news updates.
A site to rate both official and public maps for Tactical Ops and other UT Mods.
Serving the German TO Community since winter 2001.
Site dedicated to showing off some of the best Tactical Ops artwork.
Check out their Lessons section, as they've got some great video recordings of tips and tricks for TO =D.
Other links
One of the best sites about Unreal/Unreal Tournament. Latest news, updates, and many other.
All for QUAKE fanats: news, downloads, mods.
Official Command e Qonquer, NOX and other Westwood games site.
Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft fans - come here.
Russian Unreal site.


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