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Last news
news posted bu -Zlodey-

I finished import TO-AoT_Zlodey_V2 map. Map tested and uploaded on site. That map better old TO-Zlodey_V2 map , looking nice, and gameplay better - I removed autocannons.

download TO-AoT_Zlodey_V2

Enjoy and have fun!

Now I start working on TO-Bankjob-2 map

Update at 16.09.2004: English version of my site is not updating now and long time before, because I too busy with many things. I finished TO-Bankjob2 some year before this update :).

news posted bu -Zlodey-

Few days ago, I`m work with TacOpsEd, again. I`m exporting my old maps for TO 2.x to TO:AoT. First results - TO-AoT_Arheology map, first and last map (at this moment) bu BaaL{SG}. Map is small, gameplay fast and funny, I suggest you play on that map.

download TO-AoT_Arheology

Now I`m exporting to TO:AoT maps TO-Zlodey_V2 and TO-Bankjob2. Stay tuned, if you want it...

P.S. Mephisto redesigned Anime page. Everyone like it. I think, you must look on it too. Note: page on russian. Use translation program... or learn russian . Maybe, I`m too start work on new design of my page... maybe later.

news posted bu -Zlodey-
LAN-Party again!

TO LAN-PARTY in Azov again! Yeah, thats be a good battle... 11 players: -Zlodey-{SG}, Mephisto{SG}, BaaL{SG}, DeaDlocK{SG}, DEATH{SG}, Solid_Snake{SG}, MaXimuS, MIX, Cash, GAMBIT and Jay.

Best teammates: -Zlodey-{SG}, Mephisto{SG}, DeaDlocK{SG}, Solid_Snake{SG}, MaXimus.

F@cking teamkillers: MIX and GAMBIT.

Lame gamers: MIX, GAMBIT, Jay, Cash.

Best fragger: Mephisto{SG}.

And last news: RaiN now live in another city, Rostov-on-Don, and can`t play with us. Then, he leave {SG} clan .

news posted bu -Zlodey-
Mini LAN-Party

Long time I not post news... but I don`t see anithing new long time . Sunday, 26 Yanuary, Azov`s TO community playing on small LAN-Party... everyone like it. We got your own private gaming club and will continue playing in TO on next Sunday, 2 December. 12 PC`s and one server - not bad for small Azov. Maybe somethimes we start hosting server named "{SG} Clan Server", but I`m not sure... anyways, thanks to Jay .

Mephisto updated Russian page about Anime... at last! But they don`t trying create English page - sorry. Anyway, you can see interesting anime images by Sephiroth.

news posted bu -Zlodey-
Two new files.

I`m uploaded two new files to my site: new version of keybinder program - 120, and UTamp - music player for UT/TO(note: do not install UTamp on your game, if you playing in Internet - TOST hate it).

news posted bu -Zlodey-
New downloads+server adress

First, I say few words about new downloads: keybind program fot TO:AoT; repack of demo manager (you not want Umod tool!); new OpenGL driver for UT; mutator, bringin back yakuza skin in TO:AoT; and last downloads - modifitied TO-Getaway - TO-Getaway_roof (more roof camping :) ) and TO-Scope_monsters - TO-Scope with tons of monsters!

Then, one good (but not actual now) news: I got new adress for hosting game server, maybe in near future you can connect to my TO server using adress Thanks to Awenger!

news posted bu -Zlodey-

You can download beta-version of Tetris programmed bu DEATH now! Please, post your bug report in Forum.

news posted bu -Zlodey-
IP driver for UT/TO server.

Text from Readme for IP driver:

"It also fixes a Windows 2000+ server problem where server lag gradually
increases over time.

Both problems are caused by incorrect handling of ICMP port unreachable
messages. When a server running the replacement IpDrv.dll sees an ICMP
port unreachable message, it removes that IP/port from its list of clients
and no longer attempts any communication with that IP/port pair."

Bad news with your clan - computer club "SPETSNAZ", where we regulary training, is closed. Wolf is back to play in damn CS - he will be excluded from a clan "Skilled Gamers".

news posted bu -Zlodey-
New forum.

Sorry for no newsposting - summer, hot, you must understand .

I`m trying to install new forum on PHP script, but I got problems - pages not loadind correcly. You may look at new forum here. You can`t register yoursel, because register page have bugs, but if you want register, send me e-mail with information about yourself. If you want, you may post threads in forum as Guest.

news posted bu -Zlodey-
New file+new nickname.

I put on my site TacOpsEd - map editor for TO:AoT. If you not have this stuff yet, you can take this file here.

DeadLocK{SG} changed his nick to HeX{SG} - if you see that nick in game, you may cnow - this is not our new clan member, he is old one :) .

Zangiev, <[SOBR]> clan member, working on new ultimate TO mutator - AoT-Arena2. This mutator will add in TO this features: meat chunks (remember? :) ), Random-Arena, Surprise-Arena, Crazy-Arena, weapon renaming, nade fix/improvement, etc. If you want suggest something, you may send e-mail here.

news posted bu -Zlodey-
M60bal3 mutator are ready and avialable for downloading.

Slava from clan SPETSNAZ, as well as promised, has made the new version of the mutator. Now it does not overload CPU of your computer and lags in game will be less, is corrected a little bugs. You may take this mutator here.

news posted bu -Zlodey-
TOST Beta 8 and M60bal mutator are incompatible!

On a site the message that TOST Beta 8 prevents work of mutator M60bal from Slava from clan SPETSNAZ has appeared. In the near future Slava promises to make the new version of mutator, compatible with last version TOST. And, founders TOST soon will give for download textures for beta 8.

news posted bu -Zlodey-
New skins. Similar, that all:)

-Sixshooter-, main skinmaker in TO: AoT, has similar finished work on creation new skins for TO. You can look at results of his work: a team of terrorists and team SF. That will be added new skins (for example, Yakuza) or some any else changes, is improbable. It is necessary to wait official putch for TO: AoT.

news posted bu -Zlodey-
Some news.

Excuse, I for a long time did not publish news - I was occupied.
I imported card(map) Zlodey_test from the version for TO 2.x to the version for TO:AoT. A map it is possible download here.
In Rostov at selection competitions on Q3 we have lost. Our opponents appeared too strong, and we simply did not have experience in this game. We play TO, instead of in Q3.
M1A2 it is excluded from a clan "Skilled Gamers" for nonparticipation in life of a clan. Him long time was simple not on trainings, he almost did not see others clan members. I want to notice, that former members of a clan can be accepted back in a clan at any moment, by voting.

news posted bu -Zlodey-
Changes in structure of a clan and release of free version TO.

So, somebody has joined our harmonous lines under nickname DeaDLocK :). In section the Clan {SG} you can get acquainted with his(its) brief biography.
And at last the main news: already now you can download the free-of-charge version TO 3.1.5 compatible to full version TO: AoT, you can install she on Unreal Tournament, as well as Beta 2.2 (do not overlook before installation to remove TO Beta 2.2!), volume of a file of 205 MB. The list of mirrors:

Download from

Download from

Download from

Download from

news posted bu -Zlodey-
Some litlle news about TO... :)

At last! Tomorrow, namely the beginning of sales in USA the full version is expected "Tactical Ops : Assault on Terror ". At last monopoly Counter Strike will be interrupted! Only it is necessary to get a long-awaited disk with game... And to engage in shooting of the best friends and in general everyone who on eyes will get (in game, certainly, instead of in real life:)).

Yes, we waited long...

news posted bu -Zlodey-
We come to Rostov-on-Don!

In general(common), the essence of event is those: April, 28, that is at the end of this week, on Sunday, in Rostov-on-Don, in club "Neuron", selection competitions on Quake3 will be carried out(spent). Selection competitions on дуэльный the championship on Quake3 in Krasnodar. As our clan is created on the basis of a former quake-clan [BK], were found at us wishing to go on selection competitions. From our clan will participate the person 2-3, except for it, a little bit(some) person will go in quality of "moral support". We consider to play in the same place and in TO if it will turn out so we ask all fans TO in the Rostov area which want to play in TO with alive people, instead of with stupid(blunt) computer meat which as refers to "bots" to communicate with me, or to come in club "Neuron" April, 28 after 10.00 (Voroshilovskii st., 8).

news posted bu -Zlodey-
Two birthdays.

The first birthday celebrates BaaL. Generally birthday at him(it) today, but will be celebrated by we tomorrow, on Saturday. To ours " Great and Awful " it is executed already 19 years! Absolutely old began...:)
Well and the second birthday, that is my bithday(he-he), will be marked on this Sunday, April, seventh! Hm... I do not know, how I shall feel like on Monday after two days of "celebrating"...:)

news posted bu -Zlodey-
Updated "{SG} Сlan" section.

You can see now photos and short autobiography of Wolf and RaiN here. Minion photo and autobiography not ready yet.

news posted bu -Zlodey-
{SG} clan is registered on

You can see our page on here.

But so sorry, we still can`t play in TO from Internet, we fight only on LAN. The {SG} clan need sponsor!

news posted bu -Zlodey-
Changes in {SG} clan.

Cyborg is leave your clan - Cyborg too busy and can`t fight in TO with us. But, in clan joined two new members - Wolf and